How do you spend a day in chicago in the winter?

Free things to do in Chicago in winter: ice skate at Millennium Park, go sledding at Soldier Field, spend days of polar adventure on Northerly Island, explore Millennium Park, walk the lakefront trail, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, or visit an indoor botanical garden. There are several places for outdoor ice skating in Chicago during the winter. Chicago's skating rinks are usually open from mid-November to early March (weather permitting). Chicago's annual Christmas market, inspired by Germany, is another very popular holiday event.

After being released on the Internet last year, the 26th edition of the beloved Christmas market will return on Friday, November 18 and will last until Christmas Eve. Check out our list of 10 magical light shows not to be missed in and around Chicago for more information. From therapeutic massages to rejuvenating facial treatments, there are plenty of spas and baths in Chicago to suit all tastes. So if you're looking for a place to feel that ethereal feeling of returning to the real world after a restful day at the spa, check out our article on 10 quiet Chicago spas where you can warm up this winter.

Visiting Chicago in the winter is a great idea. Come in November, when you're already halfway between the main Christmas holiday, and at the end of the good weather, the visitors. This way you'll get the best deals on hotels, the streets are quieter and you can still soak up some Christmas spirit without getting it in your face. It's close to most Chicago CityPASS museums, so combine it into your Chicago itinerary.

Chicago is made up of 77 neighborhoods and if you ask any of the locals what are the best places to hang out, they will usually answer you with one of those neighborhoods, not downtown Chicago. When the first non-indigenous Haitian settler, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, who was recently renamed Chicago's lakefront street, arrived in the area in 1779, Chicago was a commercial center and home to the native nations of Potowatomi, Miami, and Illinois. If you're short on time in Chicago or want to try a variety of dishes, consider taking a food tour like this Chicago favorites tasting tour. If you love Chicago (most people love it), you can always come back when the weather is warmer to enjoy outdoor activities in Chicago (like river cruises) that you can enjoy all year round.

Santa's Christmas train ride through Chicago is always one of the most anticipated activities during the winter in Chicago, offering affordable fun for families all over the city.

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