What street in chicago has stores?

Michigan Avenue is a major street that runs north to south through downtown Chicago. Along North Michigan Avenue, between Oak Street and the Chicago River, is the Magnificent Mile. This 13-block stretch is home to more than 450 stores and is one of the most iconic shopping districts in the world. The city of Chicago is one of the world's largest shopping meccas.

You've probably heard of The Magnificent Mile, the stretch just north of Michigan Avenue that has 460 stores, 275 restaurants, and 60 hotels. Magnificent Mile is also home to three multi-level malls, but that's only part of the city's diverse shopping scene. You'll find more department stores on nearby State Street, and the city's most luxurious outpost is located on Oak Street, on the Gold Coast. The Magnificent Mile is synonymous with shopping in Chicago.

The illustrious stretch north of the Chicago River, along Michigan Avenue, has three vertical malls surrounded by the world's best retailers. Buy items from luxury designers like Louis Vuitton, discount chains like Nordstrom Rack, and kids' favorite stores like The Disney Store and American Girl Place. The North Bridge stores are part of the iconic Magnificent Mile. There's a four-story mall, as well as street-level stores with deals from designers like Boss, Louis Vuitton, and Alex & Ani.

It's also anchored by a four-level Nordstrom, with its own coffee shop. Michigan Avenue: Chicago is home to some of the most famous streets in the country, such as Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive.

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