What part of chicago has the best bars?

The West Loop neighborhood in Chicago has become a popular nightlife destination in recent years. Known for its trendy restaurants, bars, and clubs, the area attracts both locals and tourists looking to go out at night. No one can argue with the level of madness that Hubbard Street reaches. Whether it's a weekday or a weekend, it doesn't matter.

Anyone who has been there after 8 p.m., will know that if someone suggests stopping at a bar on this street, a wild night awaits you. Wrigleyville can be overwhelming during the summer, as tourists and baseball fans crowd Clark Street, making parking a mission impossible. Locals take the Red Line and stay away from the main street and seek refuge in bars such as the Nisei Lounge, which has been in the shadow of Wrigley for almost seven decades. It was the first dive bar to be in Tock, the reservation system used by fine dining restaurants.

Don't let that association fool you, the waiters serve drinks and beers, and this might be the best place to enjoy Malört. There are pool tables, friendly faces, and a mix of people who care about baseball and people who don't give a shit. Pause to admire the historic Chicago Water Tower, a castle-like Gothic building that survived the Great Fire of Chicago, and then cross the Magnificent Mile to see a show at the Lookingglass Theater Company, where there are themed productions that stand out from Charlotte Brontë to glamping.

Ben Arraiol
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