What are some of the best shopping areas in chicago, illinois?

Located in the Wrightwood community in Lincoln Park, this modern mid-rise apartment building is close to shopping and has great outdoor spaces to relax. This mega-complex is located in the heart of Lincoln Park. Its two towers offer residents great views and modern finishes. Close to everything Lincoln Park has to offer, the Park View apartments have a magnificent roof terrace with views of the neighborhood park of the same name.

This luxurious apartment building has one big advantage: it's also close to great shopping in Lincoln Park and in the Old Town. If you're attracted to the cool vintage stores in Wicker Park, you should check out The Milwood apartments. The hipster atmosphere and historic building make this the coolest apartment building in West Town. The shopping scene in the West Loop is sophisticated and more exclusive.

If you're looking to splurge, this is the ideal neighborhood for shopping. West Loop is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Chicago to rent an apartment. The constant growth and development means that it houses some pretty incredible new apartment buildings.

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