How many days in chicago do you need?

Planning a trip to Chicago? Find out how to spend the perfect 3 days in Chicago with this weekend itinerary for beginners. If this is your first time visiting Chicago, this itinerary will show you how to spend the perfect 3 days in Chicago. According to GetYourGuide, these are the 10 best things to do in Chicago. This can help give you some ideas of what to see and do during your 3 days in Chicago.

You can spend the whole day here, but we suggest you spend 2 to 3 hours at the art museum. You can get a map of the museum at the entrance to help you plan your route and make sure you see everything you want to see. For music lovers, head to Andy's Jazz Club or Blue Chicago to hear some of Chicago's best blues musicians. When I visited Chicago in the summer, there was a huge line to get into the Art Institute of Chicago.

You'll learn about Al Capone, the Untouchables, the Chicago Mafia, the terrible Tommy O'Connor, the Chicago Black Sox, Leopold and Loeb, Cap George Streeter, and more. LH ON 22 (85 East Wacker Drive): Enjoy classic cocktails and snacks on LondonHouse Chicago's outdoor LH deck, which offers magnificent views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, and the Magnificent Mile. Don't you think that's three fantastic days in Chicago? With an excellent combination of art, culture, entertainment, education and just plain fun, we know that this Chicago itinerary will appeal to both first-time visitors and those who are already visiting it. It's one of the places in Chicago that can be posted the most on Instagram and it's a great place to take photos that remind you of your trip to Chicago.

Most people don't think of Chicago as a beach destination, but Chicago has plenty of beaches on Lake Michigan. Chicago has a lot of great museums worth visiting, but my best choice is the Art Institute of Chicago, conveniently located next to Millennium Park. So how safe is Chicago? Well, most of Chicago is very safe for tourists, and you'll have no problem walking and exploring during the day and night.

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